ASIA FI 2011 Hong Kong Workshop

(Title: Dialogue between researchers and engineers on Future Internet)

1. Description

Asia Future Internet Forum ( has been holding AsiaFI activities, including school and workshop, in China, Japan and Korea since 2008. The activities have been held twice a year for typically 5 days with AsiaFI School, and one or more workshops. The Schools are primarily for graduate students and junior researchers, and the workshops are for all researchers: junior and senior. This year AsiaFI would like to hold one day workshop in Hong Kong together with APRICOT/APAN. This workshop brings the community of researchers and engineers experienced in current and future Internet. The goal of the workshop is to begin a dialog between the communities to share views on future Internet.

2. Date and location

Proposed Date: 2011.2.23

Venue: HKCEC S228

HK Convention & Exhibition Center (Wan Chai):
One workshop of APRICOT/APNIC/APAN joint meeting

3. Program proposal


Date Activity
Feb.23 0800-0855


Xiaohong Huang, workshop committee deputy chair


Opening Remark by Prof. Yan Ma, workshop committee chair ( Video )


Keynote speech session 1:

Session chair: Prof. Yan Ma

Title: Bridging the Gap between The Current and The Future Internet

Speaker: Geoff Huston from APNIC

Video: ( Part A, Part B )


Routing session

Session coordinator: Robert Raszuk

Session chair: Robert Raszuk


Presentation title: Perspective on Future Internet Routing.
Presentation common to all speakers!


10:00-10:30  Robert Raszuk - Cisco Systems - Future of the Internet: Architecture for Routing and Addressing ( Video )

10:30-11:00 Tea break

11:00-11:30  Vijay Gill - Google Inc.

11:30-12:00  Miya Kohno - Juniper Networks - Rethinking the Internet mobility -- to reevaluate the mobility design.( Video )
from the architectural view point

12:00-12:30  Gaurab Raj Upadhaya - Limelight Networks - Future Routing and Infrastructure Directions ( Video )

1230-1400 Lunch

Keynote speech session 2:

Session chair: Prof. Jun Bi

Title: Evolving Internet into the Future: Named Data Networking

Speaker: Lixia Zhang from UCLA

Video: ( Download )


Security session

Session coordinator: DY KIM

Session chair: Yasuo OKABE



Speaker: Dan MASSEY, Colorado State University

Title: Infrastructure Security for Future Internet Architectures ( Video )

15:30-16:00 Tea break


Speaker: Stephen KENT, BBN

Title: The Resource Public Key Infrastructure & BGP Security ( Video )


Speaker: Hiroki TAKAKURA, Nagoya University

Title: New Security Issues to Provide End Users for IPv6 Environment ( Video )


Panel session

Session coordinator: Keiichi Shima

Session chair: Keiichi Shima



Geoff Huston, APNIC

Lixia Zhang, UCLA

Dan Massey, Colorado State Univ.

Robert Raszuk, Cisco Systems


Video: ( Download )

1830-1835 Closing remark by Kilnam Chon ( Video )


Session description and organization

4. Invitation Letter

If you want an invitation letter, please send the following information to Mr. Pei Zhang (

1) attendee name
2) colleagues full name
3) title
4) organisation name and address

5. Registration

All the participants to this workshop has to register through APRICOT-APAN. The registration information can be found in

6. Local contact information

Tiffany Cheng
+852 3741 0911 (Secretariat Office)
+852 2409 1616 (AE House)

7. Committee Members