# Place: Mokryun hall in Hoam Faculty House, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


# How to get to the place

We recommend you to get to the Main Gate of SNU by limousine bus number 6003 from the Incheon International Airport. And then take a taxi to arrive at Hoam Faculty House, SNU. You can find more detailed information below.   


# From Incheon International Airport to Seoul National University


l  Limousine Bus

Limousine bus is a convenient and inexpensive way to get to SNU Gwanak Campus from Incheon International Airport. Take airport limousine bus number 6003 via Gimpo Airport and get off in front of the Main Gate of SNU. Bus fare is 8,000 won and it takes about 80 minutes under normal traffic conditions. Service is available everyday from 5 am to 8 pm at Incheon International Airport with no charge for the baggage.
You can find the information(cost, line, timetable) about the limousine bus in the below link. (click)


l  Taxi Service

The fare for taxi service between Incheon International Airport and SNU Gwanak Campus is around 40,000 won depending on the traffic situation. By Deluxe Taxi (Mobeom Taxi), which offers kinder service, the approximate fare is 60,000 won.


l  Call-van Service

A Call-van is called "Jumbo Taxi" here and service can hold up to 5 passengers and up to one ton of baggage. Fares are about 65,000 won IIA to SNU. For reservations, please call 1588-6499 (domestically) or +82 2 310 3312 (from overseas).



# How to get to the Hoam Faculty House in SNU

       *detailed information on the location : (click)



# Local Arrangement


Accomodation : Hoam Faculty House in SNU (Reservation guide)


l  TEL:02)871-4053


l  Location (click)