NDN (Named Data Networking) BoF

Mailing List: ndn@asiafi.net

Draft Charter (Version 0.3 by Jun Bi at March 9, 2010)

1. Objective
NDN (Named Data Networking) is one of the Futuer Internet Architecure. The alternative
name of NDN is CCN (Content Centric Network).

The goal of NDN is to create a simple, universal, flexible Internet architecure
by naming data and routing data by names. It expect to resolve the prolbems in
today's Internet such as mobility, security, multi-path,etc, and match the application's design patterns.

The goal of this AsiaFI NDN WG is to cooridnate the NDN related research activies in
Asia as well as to collabrate with NDN research activities in other continents by organizing
workshop/tutorials, promote discussions and joint research, coordinate prototyping and testing.

2. Scope
-NDN Architure
-NDN Routign
-NDN Application
-NDN testing

3. Issues to be resolved

4. Activities
-Joint Research
-Prototyping and Testing

5. Organization
WG mailing-list: ndn@asiafi.net
WG Chair: Jun Bi (Acting NDN BoF Chair)
WG Co-Chairs:
Techinical Advisors:
Jun Bi
Kenjiro Cho
Kideok Cho
Yanghee Choi
Kilnam Chon
Tao Feng
Choongseon Hong
Hongyu Hu
Kenny Huang
Daeyoung Kim
Hyunchul Kim
Pingping Lin
Bingyang Liu
Rodney Van Meter
Yangyang Wang
You Wang
Mingwei Xu
Guang Yao
Lixia Zhang

6. Schedules
-Discussion on NDN during 2010 summer school at Yokohama (Aug.24-27, 2010)
-Discussion on NDN during 2011 winter school at Hongkong (Feb, 2011)

7. Related documents






8 How to join NDN mailing-list
Please send email to sec@asiafi.net


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