Event BoF

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Website : www.AsiaFI.net/com/event.htm

Charter (DRAFT)
    1. Objective
         The main role of Event committee is to provide a forum where researchers including
         graduate students  participating in AsiaFI develop and discuss news ideas and
         research progress. For this, the committee will plan workshops, seminars, tutorials,
        and conferences. 

    2. Scope
          The committee covers:

             - Develop topics and scope of AsiaFI research
             - Develop a yearly schedule for events
             - Solicit and recommend a local host for an AsiaFI Event  

Members :          Dongman Lee/ICU, KR (Acting Chair)
                             Hiroshi Esaki / WIDE, JP
                             Kenjiro Cho /IIJLab, JP
                             Song Chong /KAIST, KR 
                             Sue B. Moon /KAIST, KR 

                             Xing Li / CERNET, CN

                             Wu Qian /CERNET, CN
                             Jennifer An /CERNET, CN

                    2007.11.02 : 1st AsiaFI Event BoF Meeting, Seoul
 2008 Plan, 2007.12. 6 
Event Commitee Charter (draft), 2007.10.23
                    Event Commitee BoF Report, 2007.11.3

2008 Plan
2008.1.       : 2nd AsiaFI Event BoF Meeting at APAN, Hawaii

              We need to make a decision on how to provide the venues for promoting collaboration among
          Asia Future Internet research communities. I am proposing to hold two regular meetings per year,
          conference at July or August and workshop at January (under the venue of APAN). The conference will
          accommodate all the areas related to FI (tutorials, work-in-progress, technical paper sessions, etc) while
          the workshop is more focused on specific topics. And we can have a few ad-hoc workshops for promoting
          the collaboration among CJK researchers